MOON contest

Another contest will be held on 2.12.2015 on 144 MHz band.

c o n t e s t   c o n d i t i o n s

OK2VBZ is announcing MOON contest conditions on bands VKV and KV in the year of 2014.

1st - 3rd Wednesday each month (according to category)

20:00 - 22:00 (local time in Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Amsterdam, Rome, Stockholm)
UTC 19:00 - 21:00 (1.11. to 31.3.) and 18:00 - 20:00 (1.4. to 31.10.)

callsign, RST, serial number starting from 001, WW - locator and name of QTH

call of the contest:

maximal output of transmitter:
max. 50W

144 MHz - 1st Wednesday of each month
432 MHz - 2nd Wednesday of each month
3,5 MHz - 3rd Wednesday of each month

possible modes:
144 MHz and 432 MHz - FM, SSB, CW and DIGITAL according to IARU band plan
3,5 MHz - SSB, CW and DIGITAL according to IARU band plan


For every kilometer distance spanned between the two stations counts one point. Connection points in the competition diary must be listed as an integer. In connection in the same WW-locator counts 1 point. According to IARU I. Region to be used for transfer rate of 111.2 degrees to kilometers, taking into account the curvature of the Earth. To determine the latitude and longitude of competition for habitat calculation locator uses the WGS-84 (World Geodetic System 1984).

opposite station QTH

For obtaining name of QTH from the opposite station will be scored plus 10 points. Competing station is always duty to give its name of QTH to the opposite station.

In each contest round you can include only one valid connection with each station in each mode (it means max. 3 QSO - 1 for FONE, 1 for DIGITAL, 1 for CW), if there was given the full contest code between both stations. Each station can have only one signal in each moment on each band. The connection with non-competing station is valid, but this non-competing station have to give full contest code with QSO serial number 001. The connection through repeaters or packet nodes are not valid.

final score:
Final score is the sum of QSO points + points obtained names QTH.

contest report:
Contest stations are duty to send report from each contest round at the latest in 5th day after contest round, that is 1st Monday after contest round to the on-line application:

Report from each contest has to include:
- name of the contest
- date of the contest
- callsign of competing station
- category of the contest
- JUNIOR mark for stations, that are competing in Junior MCR
- WW Locator station during the contest
- name of the QTH station during the contest
- number of valid QSO
- number of QSO in FM mode
- number of QSO in SSB mode
- number of QSO in DIGITAL mode
- number of QSO in CW mode
- number of QSO including QTH opposite station
- total number of points for connection for all kinds of modes
- points for obtained QTH
- final score
- name of operator
- used TRX
- used antenna
- used transmitter output
- affirmation about observing of permission and contest conditions and truthfulness of dates in contest report

Each round of Moon contest will be evaluated separately and there will be done the all-year assessment in the end of the year. In this assessment will be counted scores from every rounds for each station.

example of report:

Subject: OK9XYZ - report of MOON CONTEST 4.1.2014


date of contest: 4.1.2014
contest station: OK9XYZ
contest category: 144 MHz
participation in Junior MCR: YES
contest WW-locator: JN78HP
contest QTH: Liblenice

number of valid QSO: 94
number of QSO in FM mode: 24
number of QSO in SSB mode: 32
number of QSO in DIGITAL mode: 18
number of QSO in CW mode: 20
number of QSO with information about opposite station QTH: 86
total number of points for connection in all kinds of modes: 3450
points for obtained QTH: 860

final score: 4310

name of operator: Peter McBean
used TRX: YAESU FT-90
used antenna: F9FT 9 element
used transmitter output: 50W

I declare I observed the contest conditions and all above-mentioned dates are true.

date of sending: 4.1.2014


the addresses for sending of report:

There is possibility to enter your report on-line in internet on adress:

After reading of report you will informed about delivery of the report (with information about date and time of delivery). Please, send the report again, if the information about delivery won't be sent to you and draw our attention to it.

Evaluator has a right to ask for contest log from contest station for the check.

publication of results:
Evaluation of each round will be done and results will be published always by 10 days. The results will be published in internet on address:

After evaluation of all year he first 3 station in each category will get a diploma with information about category and reached result.

31.12.2013 #OK2VBZ

You can save this conditions to your computer also like txt file.

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